pdbjjsciconbigde Been Jiu Jitsu Sunshine Coast is a website we’ve designed for Andrew Bailey – a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt running his own BJJ class in the Sunshine Coast.

You may notice that this website is very similar to Chep’s Jiu Jitsu website. This was the intention as the both are a part of the de Been Jiu Jitsu network.

We decided to keep things visual.  The Home page has a slider and a few icons to help direct people to certain areas of the website. The rest of the content is housed using a basic template designed to make the content easy to find and read – in order to direct visitors to all of the right places on the website.

Check out the screen shots below:

Home Page

Page Template

This website acts as a tool for bringing in new Jiu Jitsu students and acting as a hub of information people can turn to about his club. To see it in action, visit de Been Jiu Jitsu Sunshine Coast for a closer look.

Also check out our website design packages or contact us if you’d like to get something like this up and running for yourself!

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