When I first started to take martial arts seriously, I was training in Aikido under Sensei Darrin Beashel. So it was an honor to be to create a website for him which I think carries great visual impact.

The Musashi image he uses on his branding is iconic and very striking, it was the basis of the design I did for his business card years ago:

business card design

When it came to creating the website, I noticed Darrin;s badge was mostly green, and something of a contrast to the red, white and black on the card above.  So I blended and alternated the town schemes in a cool landing page on Darrin’s website:

warrior martial arts web design

This one page delivers most of the information on the website, is designed as a bit of ‘one stop’ destination.  But I did create a few satellite pages to expand on the home page information:

satellite pages

To see Darrin’s website, visit www.warriormartialartsschool.com to get the full experience. If you’re looking for a website similar to Darrin’s, check out my web design packages or contact me for more info.

Thanks for reading!

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