So not long ago I showcased some non-martial art designs I’ve done to showcase what I can create for you. But this volume of the showcase is dedicated to a period of time when I created Transformers artwork in Photoshop.  So scroll down and check it out for yourself!

thick of battle


Rodimus and Metroxplex

Optimus & Megatron

Nemesis Prime

Make Tracks

Leornard Nimoy Tribute

Join the Transmission

Jazz Blaster


Fire in the Sky


Decepticon March


Behold Galavatron

Battle Damage Optimus

How were they made?

It’s been covered in this post on another site of mine, but basically I take a photo, import into photoshop, cut it out and add lighting and effects to it. So below are 3 videos showcasing each step of the creation process. They’re sped up videos and you may find them interesting to watch.

Once again, thanks for checking out my work. See you next time!

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