Add a PageSo now you have a website and you’re ready to make a few updates of your own. But how do you do it?

Well I put together some videos for you on how to add and edit pages and posts. So why beat around the bush, you probably want to get started. Before I  do you may be asking the following question…

What’s the difference between Posts and Pages?

The easiest way to explain this is to focus on the ‘blog’ potion of WordPress. With a blog you write up articles and publish them on your website in the same way as a journal – each ‘blog post’ (shortened to ‘post’) is an update or piece of news that behaves similarly to a ‘page’, but in a chronological, dated order on your blog page.

If you’re running a blog, each update you write is a ‘post’.  If you want to update a section or area for your website outside of the blog, you’re going to create a ‘page’.

For many who don’t even run blogs – you want to use page exclusively and avoid using posts.

Pages will usually appear in your website navigation and are perfect for main sections of your website like your home page, ‘about’, ‘contact’ page and anything you want to abe ccessed easily from anywhere on your website.

How to add and edit pages

While adding a page is easy (just log into WordPress, hover over Pages and Click ‘Add New’) editing them is a bit more involved.  You can reopen old pages through the pages section on WordPress and update them, and edit them in a similar fashion to editing a Word Document.

I created a video to cover all of this below:

That should give you a solid start on adding and editing pages. For most people, a little practice will get you going as the skills required a very similar to those used in any word processor.

How to add and edit blog ‘posts’

This video is one I created some time ago but covers exactly what you need to know to publish your first blog post.  Much like the video above it will demonstrate just how simple the process is as both are very similar in nature.

Dead Easy!

Now you’re all set!

No you cab start publishing pages and posts on your website. with a bit of practice you’ll find it pretty easy and effortless as WordPress is one of the most user friendly pieces of website software in the world.

If you’d like to leave a comment, please do below! Thanks for reading this post.


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